Saturday, 31 December 2016

Reflections - things I learned from 2016

Here is the second instalment of my 'Reflecting on 2016' series. If you didn't catch the first one, listing some of my favourite things click here, and if you want to read my life lessons from 2015, and see if I repeat any (I did have to check myself) then click here...

  • Being a student isn't all laughter and hanging out with your mates
  • Being a student isn't all studying and hanging out in the library
  • You can't make yourself feel more for someone than you do, however much you may want to
  • Grief can hit you out of the blue
  • I don't like my family living in different countries
  • Change is good
  • I'm learning to love LinkedIn
  • My intuition/gut instinct is spookily correct
  • Law degrees are hard work
  • Goodbyes are never easy
  • I somehow know enough about make-up that I got offered a job at Space NK on a window-shopping trip
  • Just because someone has done a "bad" thing, it doesn't make them a "bad" person
  • Sometimes you have to go further into something to get closure/know where you stand/know how you feel
  • I look younger than I am
  • 'Feeling the fear and doing it anyway' is harder than it sounds
  • I'm more comfortable with being wrong, or looking silly, than I ever have been
  • I don't always practise what I preach
  • When you know, you know, and don't let anyone (including yourself) convince you that you don't
  • I have a fantastic NHS doctor (not a new lesson)
  • It takes me a while to open up, and that's okay (another not new lesson)
  • I love an afternoon of batch-cooking
  • Flu over Christmas and New Year is the worst
  • I'm one of life's feeders/looker-afterers
  • It's enough for things to be 'good enough'
  • It's okay to feel like you've made a mistake 
  • I'd rather try than not
  • I'm still finding my balance
  • I'm still finding my health
  • I can be made speechless
  • I can achieve things I thought were impossible for me
  • There is always a positive to every negative
  • This year has far outweighed my expectations
  • I am now sufficiently enough of a grown-up that if I get a bad haircut, I don't cry
  • I am not sufficiently enough of a grown-up when it comes to needing help with my CV
  • Inside me is a lioness that I am able to tap into more and more
  • Life is still an incredible, surprising and wonderful thing (and far too much has happened this year for me to neatly sum it up in these lessons)
What life lessons did 2016 bring for you?

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Reflections - some of my favourites of 2016

Just like last year, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year. Two posts will follow - this one of some of my favourite things of 2016, and another one on things I've learned in the last year (coming soon). I will try not repeat too many of the same things from 2015's posts, but be warned there may be a few similar!

If you want to see what my favourite things of last year were then click here, and if you want to see what lessons I've learned (and compare them to this year) then click here.

As I said last year...without further ado, and in the immortal words of Julie Andrews, these are a few of my favourite things (from 2016)...

  • Cheese - in all its wonderful and varied forms
  • Yorkshire Tea - DECAF - aka nectar from the Gods
  • My friends (work, uni, old, new) and my family
  • Instagram - yes, I succumbed finally...
  • GIFs - for an illustration of my love of these, please refer to Twitter ;)
  • Tagging and being tagged in memes
  • Procrastination - see above for one of the ways I do this
  • Whatever the antonym for procrastination is
  • Self-care
  • Ice-cold cider
  • Summers spent watching cricket
  • 1 Second Everyday - I have almost completed a year of film clips, and am yet to miss a day
  • Facetime/Skype - vital for keeping in touch with family and friends in far-flung places
  • Helix piercings - bucket list item fulfilled
  • Seeing Muse live - another bucket list item and there are no words for how good they were
  • Exploring new cities - Bristol and Geneva, especially
  • Swimming with swans in Lake Geneva
  • Puns - one of the many ways to my heart
  • Being made cups of tea without asking - another way to my heart
  • Long walks with stops at pubs (shout-out to Devon for this)
  • Freckles (again, and always)
  • London having a heatwave, and all those Snapchat pictures that were just blue skies with the temperature
  • Baking (in an oven, but also see above...)
  • Starting university - one of those 'pinch me' moments
  • Robing rooms and court rooms - (still, and again)
  • Wahaca piƱa coladas
  • Rooftop bars in London
  • London
  • Dancing all night
  • Sleeping all night
  • Giggling all night
  • Nights in
  • Nights out
  • Housemates (old and new)
  • Being honest and congruent
  • Washing being magically hung up for you
  • Writing the Wellbeing Basics Series (sporadically) for The Olive Fox
  • Homemade gifts/cards/food
  • Still having more favourites than not, despite a roller-coaster of a year
...and so much more...

What are your favourite things of 2016?

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Vote for me in the WEGO Health Activist Awards

I am delighted to say that, following nominations back in 2014 - Life In Recovery has again been nominated for the WEGO Health Activist Awards for 2016. Life In Recovery has been nominated for the Best In Show: YouTube and for Best Kept Secret awards.

Now here comes the part where I ask for your help and support..! With awards, always comes voting and the WEGO Health Activist Awards are no exception... If you have enjoyed reading my blog posts, watching my videos or trawling through the stream of consciousness that is my Twitter and Facebook pages - please consider 'Endorsing' my nominations in both categories. Endorsements run 12th September to 21st October. AND REMEMBER - YOU CAN VOTE ONCE EACH DAY! You can select from a drop down menu, which award to endorse - in Life In Recovery's case there is the option to endorse one or BOTH awards and you can find the profile here:

"The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Health Activists. We connect with so many inspiring Health Activists who raise awareness, share information, support their communities, and much more - often without recognition. The WEGO Health network is centred around Health Activists, so we knew it was up to us to tell these leaders how great they are! We wanted to celebrate those who have made a difference and thus, the Awards were born. We've since found that these Awards are one of the best ways to introduce new Health Activists to the online community and have community members say "thank you" to the leaders they love."
Make sure to take a look at the other incredible nominees! :)

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

A few of my favourite things: AUGUST 2016

A video featuring a few of my favourite things from August 2016 - where I try not to cry (several times) and talk about intuition, trust and yoghurt.


Great British Bake-Off:

BBC Radio Four Extra:

What are your favourite things from August? Did you go on any Summer holidays, read any good books, take on a new challenge?

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Anniversary - three years on from hospital...'s 5th August and that means *drum roll* it's time for another emotional/personal post marking my (this time) THREE year anniversary after being discharged from hospital.

I will start this post with the same preface as the last two years "I have just written a 'status update' on my personal Facebook page to my friends and it occurred to me that I also want to say thank you to all of YOU. So I'm going to paste in what I wrote word-for-word on here. 
This isn't something I thought I would ever feel comfortable doing. I try to keep Life In Recovery and my personal life reasonably separate. Not because I am ashamed of the blog but because I think it works better if I don't use this as a platform to air my private life and that I use my past and present experiences in a constructive way to help others who may be struggling. That won't be changing.Keeping this blog, creating videos and posting little (or a lotta) bits on Twitter has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I hope to continue the work I have only just started and love interacting and discovering all of you 'out there.' This is why I felt it was relevant to post the message I sent to my friends and family to you all as well."

For the full effect (and for the new readers amongst you) you can read my first year anniversary post here and my second here.

Here we go:

"WARNING – another of my soppy anniversary posts (read: essays). Today is August 5th, and marks three years since I was discharged from hospital.
This year the anniversary feels quite a different beast to the last two years. It crept up on me, for a start. I completely forgot about it until I was on my way into work yesterday and panicked that I’d somehow missed it. Personally, I think this is a great sign; a sign that I am starting to feel more space between me and the years I spent unwell. A ‘healthy’ space. A space that means I feel I am not completely defined by a decade-plus of illness. A space that feels good.

This past year has been another roller-coaster of a ride. Yes, I still have to be careful. Yes, I’m still finding my way. No, I won’t forget what happened or pretend it didn’t. No, I won’t take things for granted. This year there have been tears and triumphs. Things to grieve over, and things to rejoice about. Things I have done for the first time, and things I have done for the last. There have been people I have said goodbye to, and many people I have met for the first time. We have worked, we have played, we have studied and we have lived. For all these things and so many more, I am grateful.

On this day, three years ago I woke with the knowledge that a new and exciting chapter of life was just beginning. Three years later, I woke up this morning with the same knowledge.

Sitting here typing this (fairly un-edited stream of consciousness) with tears running down my face – I am completely at a loss to express how much I (still) feel about the last few years and the time I was unwell. I have so many of you to thank. So many of you who helped me reach where I am today. So many who are helping me discover just how incredible and exhilarating life can be.

A year of milestones, surprises, new beginnings, goodbyes, change, love, laughter, tears, family, new and old friends. A year of growing, learning and maturing. A year you have all been part of. And for that I am very lucky.

I will quote my post from last year, “To the friends and family who have seen up close the changes these past couple of years have brought and who've been there with a solid shoulder, a helping hand, a beaming smile or a thumbs up - thank you”.

Life. Is. Good."

What anniversaries do you mark? Are you a fan of reflecting on milestones or key moments of your life?

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bed-bound: Pressure sores/bedsores and how to prevent them

This video discusses the causes of bedsores/pressure sores/pressure ulcers and a few ways to prevent them.

I really hope you enjoy watching the videos and that they can help you or someone you know.

Do you have any suggestions for helping prevent and/or treat bedsores? Are you worried about getting bedsores?

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

A few of my favourite things: JULY 2016

July 2016's favourites...including:

Deep fried goat's cheese

De-caffeinated tea

Agatha Christie

Learning about self-doubt and self-perception

What drink sums up July for you? Have you been watching any sport this month? What's been your favourite lesson of the month?

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Monday, 4 July 2016

Not your average day: Lunch at the House of Commons

Just over a week on now from the UK's referendum regarding our EU membership; and with our world going a little crazy with the uncertainty, "what nows?" and the inevitable political fall-out, I thought I would try to lighten the mood with this post about a rather special lunch I had recently.
Just before the referendum the Members' Dining Room in the House of Commons was opened to the public for two days only. I was asked if I wanted to try out this rather unique new lunch spot, and so jumped at the chance to explore and experience this (probably for me) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I rocked up to a side-entrance of the Houses of Parliament and was hustled through security; there's nothing like a security pat-down to whet one's appetite. Having passed this first test, I wandered through the jaw-dropping halls to meet my lunch companion at the Members' Dining Room.
Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take photos inside, so I have one very blurry one I quickly snapped before I realised you weren't allowed! Whoops!
The lunch itself was simply fantastic; the food was absolutely outstanding and the service was second-to-none. I happened to ask one of the team, purely out of curiosity, whether the kitchen was a bit cramped, considering the ancient age of the building. The lovely man then proceeded to organise for me to go and visit the kitchens and meet the head chef! I think that says it all - they made us feel incredibly welcome and went above-and-beyond to make the whole experience one to remember (for the right reasons).
(Left) Seared sliced beef skirt, maple and smoke sticky glaze, char-grilled gem lettuce, chive sour cream, dill pickles. (Centre) Slow cooked pigs cheek, crisp pork belly, sage creamed potato, potato crisp, roast globe artichoke, glazed carrots. (Right) Brioche feuillete, chocolate ganache, puff pastry ice cream, sugar crisp.
After this feast, including beautiful petits fours and an excellent cuppa, I headed off for a tour of the Houses of Parliament. As it turned out I had a 1:1 tour, which was amazing. I'm sad to say I have reached my grand old age and lived in London for going on three years and never been to look round one the most iconic buildings of London.

Being shown around it's hallowed halls and oddly familiar chambers, was an incredible experience. Soaking up the atmosphere of power, politics and history whilst thinking about the people who serve within it's walls was inspiring and thought-provoking. Knowing that later that week a seminal and unprecedented vote would take place, which had the potential to change the face of our United Kingdom, and the world beyond made the day all the more poignant. A vote which now, with the result, has shaken the foundations of that historic building and all of us with it.

It was an incredible day, an outstanding lunch and has been an historic week.
I would highly recommend you check out the House of Commons website, in case they open the Members' Dining Room again.

What are some of your city or country's landmarks you are yet to visit? Any suggestions for must-see sights or unique spots? 

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Veg patch: How does your garden grow?

Pottering about in a garden can help both your health and happiness.
Not only are you doing a little exercise (all that digging and weeding), but you're outside in the fresh air and creating something beautiful that you and others can enjoy, and in the case of this post, also creating something delicious. 

I live in London, and am therefore a little limited for outside space, but I manage to get my hands dirty and exercise that green thumb of mine by using raised beds and free-standing pots. I'd also recommend grow-bags for an easy, (relatively) mess-free option for growing veg.

I love to grow fruit and veg every year, on a tiny scale, because there is nothing more satisfying than cooking and eating freshly-picked food. There's something incredibly fulfilling about planting, tending and harvesting your own crop of something. Even if it's just a few sprigs of mint!

This year I'm trying to grow some of my own produce again.
I've ditched last year's salad selection, after a disaster involving some of the city's fox population.
I'm hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes, edible flowers and sweetcorn. The verdict isn't yet in on the tomato and sweetcorn front, but I have had some wild success with my edible flower garden.
From seed to plate in less than two months (see the video below) - the flowers make a delicious, exciting and colourful addition to salads, hot dishes, baking and drinks.

Many people find solace in the garden; a way to unwind, create something beautiful and escape from the day-to-day. I would highly recommend investing some of your time in your outside space, even if it's only a window-sill. Herb boxes, lavender, strawberries, pansies: all manner of attractive, delicious, body/mind-boosting and low-maintenance plants can grow in confined spaces.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab a trowel (or in my case an old spoon), a bag of soil, a handful of seeds and get growing (in more ways than one)!

What treats does your garden hold? Are you a beginner gardener or a pro?

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A few of my favourite things: APRIL 2016

April 2016's favourite things...including:

Balance magazine -

The Olive Fox -

MARCH 2016 favourites -

Netflix -

Line of Duty -

What would your favourite word of the month be? What valuable lesson have you taken away from April?

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Recipe: Wiener Schnitzel

This recipe is for Wiener Schnitzel. Traditionally made with veal - I'm using pork loin steaks instead. Wiener Schnitzel is the national dish of Austria and are delicious and simple, if a little naughty (because they are fried). I have played around with the traditional recipe by adding herbs to the crust, as I think it adds so much to this already yummy dish.

Wiener Schnitzel's make an ideal light supper or decent lunch when served with a salad in summertime. I ate mine two days on the trot. I had one serving for dinner hot out of the frying pan and one cold for lunch - both options are equally tasty.

Ingredients: (makes 3-6 portions depending on appetites)

2-3 stale pieces of bread
A large handful of fresh herbs (I used a random mixture of thyme, mint and basil)
6 pork loin steaks
2 eggs
A splash of milk
Salt and pepper


1. Blitz together, using a food processor, the bread and herbs. Enjoy the incredibly fragrant wafts of fresh herb-y goodness. This mixture is now your breadcrumb mix; simple! Spread the mixture onto a plate.

2. Whisk together the eggs, milk and seasoning. You could always add some chilli, cumin or other spices to this mixture if the fancy takes you. Place this egg-y mix on a plate (be careful not to slop it over the kitchen counter in your haste, like I did!)

3. Put a little oil and a teeny amount of butter in a frying pan and get the pan hot , but not smoking.

4. Take each pork loin and dip it first into the egg mixture, coating each side, then place it into the breadcrumbs and pat each side so that the pork becomes covered in the herb-y crust.

5. Place the pork loins in the hot pan and let them cook and crisp for a 3-4 minutes on each side.

6. Serve the Wiener Schnitzel with a salad, or with your favourite kind of potatoes (chips, mash, potato salad etc.) and vegetables. Either way, douse the schnitzel liberally with freshly squeezed lemon juice, for a deliciously zingy, fresh and tasty meal.

 What meal are you enjoying cooking? Have you added your own twist to a classic recipe that you love?

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Recipe: Anzac Biscuits

As today, Monday 25th April, marks ANZAC Day I thought I'd show you how to make some delicious (and very easy to bake) biscuits. And a New Zealander friend of mine sent me the cutest gift of these fridge magnets, and now seemed like the perfect time to try out the biscuit recipe!
 Anzac Day commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders killed in war and honours returned servicemen and women. The date itself marks the anniversary of the landing of New Zealand and Australian soldiers on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

The history of these lovely oaty bisciuts is a little hazy; some people say they were sent to the soldiers overseas, some say they were sold back in New Zealand and Australia to raise money for the war effort. However they ended up coming into existence, Anzac biscuits are a delicious morsel to enjoy with a cup of tea and a way to commemorate Anzac Day.


100g plain flour
100g caster sugar
85g porridge oats
85g desiccated coconut
100g butter
1tbsp golden syrup
2tbsp boiling water
1tsp bicarbonate of soda


1. Preheat your oven to 180C or 170C for fan ovens and line two baking trays with greaseproof/baking paper.

2. Mix the oats, flour, sugar and coconut together in a big bowl; creating a well at the centre.

3. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over a low heat and add the golden syrup.

4. In a separate bowl, mix the bicarbonate of soda with the boiling water and stir.

5. Add this watery mix to the saucepan of melted butter and syrup. Combine and watch an amazing reaction happen (spoiler alert: be prepared for froth)!

6. Pour the frothy mixture into the well of your oaty mix and stir thoroughly to coat the dry ingredients.

7. Now time to get a little messy! Roll a spoonful of the mix in your hands and place on the baking trays. Keep going until all the mix is used. Be careful to leave a little room between each, to allow them to flatten once heated.

8. Pop the trays in the oven for 10 minutes until golden. Once they are done remove and place the biscuits on a wire rack to cool.

Do not be alarmed if they are very fluffy and squidgy when they come out of the oven - they crisp up nicely once they've cooled. There's no need, like I did, to panic and text your Kiwi baker pal and sound like the child from Despicable Me - "IT'S SO FLUFFY". What can I say, I take cooking seriously...

Share, enjoy and savour their oaty, coconuty deliciousness (in moderation, if you can resist).

Saturday, 23 April 2016

A few of my favourite things: MARCH 2016

"These are a few of my favourite things" - Maria (from The Sound of Music)

A slightly jumbled video; but one which, I hope, showcases what March 2016 taught me and some of the life-enhancing and positive parts of Life In Recovery.

Blog post on 1 Second Everyday.

If you had to think of your favourites from March, what would they include?

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Loafing around London - An A-Z using the 5 senses: E1 area

This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost two years and I think it's about time it saw the light of day! I wanted to write a series called "Loafing around London - An A-Z using the 5 senses" to be able to neatly showcase some of London's sights, sounds, feels, tastes and smells (although maybe less of the smells). I think it's a great way to become more connected to the city I call home and allow you, my readers, to see London from a different point-of-view. 

I always think the best way to get to know somewhere is to explore on foot. London is a fantastic city for walking; but sometimes, especially if you're not feeling 100%, it can seem overwhelming and too much to tackle. By focussing on one small area of London in each part of this series, I will hopefully be able to show you that you can find a treat for all your senses without trekking miles and miles.

A is for Architecture

B is for Bagels, Beigel Bake and Brick Lane

C is for Curry Capital and Christ Church

D is for District

E is for East London

F is for Fashion

G is for Gastronomy and Graffiti

H is for History

I  is for Industrial

J is for Jack the Ripper

K is for Karim (a character in the film Brick Lane)

L is for Liverpool Street Station

M is for Markets and Mile End

N is for Nightlife

O is for Old Truman Brewery

P is for Petticoat Lane

Q is for Quays. St Katharine Docks and Marble Quay.

R is for Religion and Regeneration

S is for Spitalfields and Shoreditch

T is for Transport

U is for University

V is for Videos (music) and Vintage paraphernalia

W is for Whitechapel

X is for Xenophilia

Y is for Yiddish

Z  is for Zone 1

Let me know what you think of this series. Do you have any areas of London you want to explore? If you did an A-Z of where you live what would be your letter X?

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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Filming one second of life every day

I can't take credit for the originality of the idea to film one second a day from my life for a year...I stole it from a friend. But I loved the idea so much, and I'm enjoying the experience enough, to want to write a quick piece about the whys and wherefores of it all!


The idea is to film a second each and every day of ANYTHING that takes your fancy/makes you smile/will remind you of the day/is a bit odd/etc. My clips to date include: llamas, the countryside, fairy lights, food, friends, family and travelling. I've decided to film general, un-themed clips of my life, but other people have filmed their children growing up, their holidays, their pregnancies, their pets, their wedding preparations...there's no limit!


I thought it was such a lovely idea; to have a little film filled with snippets of my life to look back on. Two of my favourite ever posts so far (to write) have been my 'Things I learned from 2015' and 'Favourites of 2015' and so the concept of creating a video version of these seemed perfect. 
There have been some days this year I'd have rather forgotten existed and the last thing I felt like doing was getting my phone out to record a slice of the day. But, having committed (I feel I have anyway!) to find a second a day I want to remember and record has meant I have managed to find a teensy 'something' in each and every day. A 'something' that, although not always much, will help me to remember and mark that day for what it was. Whether it was a plate of cheese and biscuits late at night or a bunch of sunny, yellow, happy daffodils on a particularly sad day. It's made me more observant, more aware of my surroundings and more keen to find something life-enhancing or positive in each day. 


This is where the idea gets technical...but not too technical! I use the app 1 Second Everyday to film, trim, store (and remind me to record) my second every day. I believe there are other apps which do the same thing, this is just the one I use. I find the app pretty easy to use and it's free; so that's a win-win! The app comes with a calendar (see my screenshot below) that allows you to film and then trim videos on each day. Then, at any time, you can choose to condense these seconds into one film at the press of a button. You can see from the screenshot that your calendar will fill up with videos as and when you film them - I'm writing this on Saturday 2nd April, so you can see that there's an orange corner on today's date and the boxes from 3rd April onwards contain no videos. This way you can easily keep track of where you are. 

My top two tips are: 
1. You can actually have 1.5 seconds (makes a loooot of difference, believe me!) you just need to click the 1S button on the trimming screen to change it to 1.5S. Thanks to my friend for pointing this out to me. D'oh!
2. (and something I've only just discovered a way around) You need an internet connection to open the app and record directly, but fear not - I would recommend you film using your normal phone camera instead of the app. All videos you've filmed outside of the app sync to the app on their corresponding days anyway, so you'll never miss a stand-out second because your internet has gone up the spout!

I decided to film from my birthday this year to my birthday next year. However, you can start any time you like! And if you miss the odd day - so what? I think the key is that you enjoy the process of creating the film and creating a visual time-capsule, not that it becomes a chore or something you must or ought to do.

If you were to film a second of today, what would you choose to record or remember?

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Wellbeing Basics: My Guest Series for The Olive Fox

Just a little post announcing some exciting news - I'm writing a Wellbeing Basics series for online magazine The Olive Fox.

I was sent an email by the lovely duo Suzy and Beth, that are The Olive Fox, asking if I wanted to write monthly for their online magazine and I (of course) said yes!

I came up with the idea of writing a Basics series for their Wellbeing section. In it I will address all the 'basics' - sleeping, eating, breathing, exercising, laughing, relaxing, crying, loving (and that's just for starters)! Article by article, month by month, I will write a piece covering each 'basic' to help you create a stable, balanced and holistic lifestyle.

The first in the series is all about sleep and can be found here.

Do you have any ideas for other posts that cover the basics of life? Write a comment below or use the links and let me know - I'd love to hear what you consider a life essential...

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Monday, 4 January 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016 - VOTING HAS OPENED! #UKBA16

For the first post of the year it's an exciting one! Voting has opened for the 2016 UK Blog Awards...

Life In Recovery has been nominated in two categories this year - Health & Social Care and Best Storyteller.

When the blog was nominated I was asked to answer the question 'Why Vote For Me/The Blog?' the answer was pretty simple in the end: Illness (in it's many shapes and forms) can touch us all - no matter who we are. Health should be looked after, valued and nurtured; issues should be discussed; knowledge and experience shared. No-one should ever feel alone, lost, unheard or ashamed. If you believe this too - vote for Life In Recovery - a blog that tries to make a difference.

Voting opens today 4th January and closes on 25th January, so you don't have long to cast your votes!

Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

So...if you'd like to vote for me - how can you?
  • All votes are cast via the blog's profile page here (or click on the picture above).
  • Once you're on the blog's profile page you will see a big 'Vote Now' button - press it!
  • Because Life In Recovery is up for two categories you will have the choice to vote for both of the categories from a drop-down list on the page. 
  • Please note, you can vote for each category, but this has to be done separately.
  • Once you have entered your name and email address you will receive a confirmation email to say your vote has been registered. Hurrah!
  • You can vote on mobile devices and desktop computers once a you aren't limited to one vote! So that's one vote per person per day. Meaning (if you want) you can vote every day until the deadline!
It's a massive honour to be 'in the mix' with some incredibly talented people and companies - all who bring something special and individual to their corners of the internet. 
I urge you to have a browse through some of the other nominees!

I really appreciate and value all of your feedback, support and readership. This blog wouldn't be what it is without each and every one of you - so thank you!

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