Friday, 8 April 2016

Loafing around London - An A-Z using the 5 senses: E1 area

This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost two years and I think it's about time it saw the light of day! I wanted to write a series called "Loafing around London - An A-Z using the 5 senses" to be able to neatly showcase some of London's sights, sounds, feels, tastes and smells (although maybe less of the smells). I think it's a great way to become more connected to the city I call home and allow you, my readers, to see London from a different point-of-view. 

I always think the best way to get to know somewhere is to explore on foot. London is a fantastic city for walking; but sometimes, especially if you're not feeling 100%, it can seem overwhelming and too much to tackle. By focussing on one small area of London in each part of this series, I will hopefully be able to show you that you can find a treat for all your senses without trekking miles and miles.

A is for Architecture

B is for Bagels, Beigel Bake and Brick Lane

C is for Curry Capital and Christ Church

D is for District

E is for East London

F is for Fashion

G is for Gastronomy and Graffiti

H is for History

I  is for Industrial

J is for Jack the Ripper

K is for Karim (a character in the film Brick Lane)

L is for Liverpool Street Station

M is for Markets and Mile End

N is for Nightlife

O is for Old Truman Brewery

P is for Petticoat Lane

Q is for Quays. St Katharine Docks and Marble Quay.

R is for Religion and Regeneration

S is for Spitalfields and Shoreditch

T is for Transport

U is for University

V is for Videos (music) and Vintage paraphernalia

W is for Whitechapel

X is for Xenophilia

Y is for Yiddish

Z  is for Zone 1

Let me know what you think of this series. Do you have any areas of London you want to explore? If you did an A-Z of where you live what would be your letter X?

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