Month In Review

MARCH 2016

APRIL 2016 - A video including Netflix, the Olive Fox and Balance magazine.

JULY 2016 - A video including deep fried goat's cheese, de-caffeinated tea, Agatha Christie and learning about self-doubt and self-perception

AUGUST 2016 - A video featuring a few of my favourite things - where I try not to cry (several times) and talk about intuition, trust and yoghurt.

MARCH 2017 - A video featuring supplement regimes, group exercise and life lessons.

MAY 2017 - A video talking feeling the fear, asking for help and revision schedules.

JUNE 2017 - A video including batch-cooking, 'going for it' and saying hello.

JULY 2017 - A video featuring Rihanna quotes, homemade muesli and the power of change.

AUGUST 2017 - A video featuring salads, anniversaries and interruptions.

SEPTEMBER 2017 - A video featuring the importance of boundaries, saying goodbye and the deliciousness of lamb tagine.

OCTOBER 2017 - A video featuring Marilyn Monroe, halloumi and lack of sleep.

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