Saturday, 2 July 2016

Veg patch: How does your garden grow?

Pottering about in a garden can help both your health and happiness.
Not only are you doing a little exercise (all that digging and weeding), but you're outside in the fresh air and creating something beautiful that you and others can enjoy, and in the case of this post, also creating something delicious. 

I live in London, and am therefore a little limited for outside space, but I manage to get my hands dirty and exercise that green thumb of mine by using raised beds and free-standing pots. I'd also recommend grow-bags for an easy, (relatively) mess-free option for growing veg.

I love to grow fruit and veg every year, on a tiny scale, because there is nothing more satisfying than cooking and eating freshly-picked food. There's something incredibly fulfilling about planting, tending and harvesting your own crop of something. Even if it's just a few sprigs of mint!

This year I'm trying to grow some of my own produce again.
I've ditched last year's salad selection, after a disaster involving some of the city's fox population.
I'm hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes, edible flowers and sweetcorn. The verdict isn't yet in on the tomato and sweetcorn front, but I have had some wild success with my edible flower garden.
From seed to plate in less than two months (see the video below) - the flowers make a delicious, exciting and colourful addition to salads, hot dishes, baking and drinks.

Many people find solace in the garden; a way to unwind, create something beautiful and escape from the day-to-day. I would highly recommend investing some of your time in your outside space, even if it's only a window-sill. Herb boxes, lavender, strawberries, pansies: all manner of attractive, delicious, body/mind-boosting and low-maintenance plants can grow in confined spaces.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab a trowel (or in my case an old spoon), a bag of soil, a handful of seeds and get growing (in more ways than one)!

What treats does your garden hold? Are you a beginner gardener or a pro?

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